About Triple “S” Energy

Energy Efficient Roofing

Ener­gy effi­cien­cy comes in all shapes and sizes.  We fre­quent­ly talk of how to be more effi­cient with our light­ing, heat­ing, cool­ing and even appli­ances.  We don’t often talk about the roof.  Being a home­own­er requires lots of choic­es to be made whether you are…

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Natural Gas Usage

If you don’t remem­ber from sci­ence class, there are sev­er­al types of gas­es. Heli­um Fre­on Water Vapor Hydro­gen Hydro­gen Sul­fide Propane Oxy­gen Ozone Nitro­gen Nat­ur­al Gas Air Car­bon Diox­ide Propane is heav­ier than air and nat­ur­al gas is lighter than air.  When nat­ur­al…

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Light Up Your Life

Let’s shed some light on light­ing effi­cien­cy.  Basi­cal­ly, light bulbs come in three types.  They are halo­gen incan­des­cents, com­pact flu­o­res­cent lamps (CFLs) and light-emit­ting diodes (LEDs).  They each have their own pros and cons so let’s take a look at what those…

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