About Triple “S” Energy

Oil and Gas Prices Jump

Oil and gas prices con­tin­ued to climb as frigid win­try weath­er choked off wells and refiner­ies and shut-in nat­ur­al gas pro­duc­tion in Texas and Okla­homa and left mil­lions of peo­ple with­out pow­er. West Texas Inter­me­di­ate crude oil rose 19 cents to $59.66 per barrel…

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Residential Wind Power

Have you ever con­sid­ered pow­er­ing your home with solar ener­gy or a wind tur­bine?  The more effi­cient choice would be wind pow­er because it uses less ener­gy, releas­es less car­bon diox­ide and will pro­duce more over­all ener­gy.  One wind tur­bine can gen­er­ate the same…

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Attic Fans-Do They Work?

Attic fans can be used to cool your liv­ing space any time it is cool­er out­side than inside your home.  Attic fans pull air in through an open win­dow or door while push­ing hot air out of your home through attic vents. Ven­ti­la­tion fans are designed to cool the attic…

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Insulation Will Give You Savings

Insu­la­tion comes in sev­er­al types and is used to slow the heat trans­fer through walls, attics, ducts or roofs.  Your goal for your home should be to lose less warm air in the win­ter months and less cool air in the sum­mer months. This will in turn reduce your heating…

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